Inside the change

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Taschenbuch (Paperback)
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Adriaan Bekman

Inside the change

All leaders of organizations I meet live with the question: “How can I motivate my people that they deal themselves, out of their own sense of responsibility, with the work challenges they meet, the goals they strive towards, the changes they experience, and that they take the right initiatives?”
Co-workers I meet in organizations live with the question: “How can I make sure that they will listen to us, so that finally we can share the real problems we are facing in the work: what are they all doing up there creating changes all the time?”

In this book we explore a new methodology for handling the gap between bosses and workers, in particular a methodology that supports the way we deal together with complex changes of organizations, with ‘slow questions’ that have no easy answers. This methodology meets the inner inspiration that shows itself in the outer movement. It is connected to recent developments in social sciences that are characterized in this book. It is also connected to the practices of leaders in organizations that search for and find new ways for dealing with resistant change issues and processes and with ‘slow questions in swampy circumstances’.