The Art of Conscious Living

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Adriaan Bekman

The Art of Conscious Living

Individual and community a new path to higher consciousness 

In his lifelong process of research and experimentation some fundamental opportunities became manifest for his own personal development in the social realm. Through a long process of practicing the “social questioning”, with a wish to support his clients in a meaningful way, he found a path of initiation in the social realm, which enables him to develop an authentic personality. It is his intention in this book to outline this path of initiation for everyone who has the desire to go out and deal with the social question in today’s world. This path has the opportunity to develop an organ of observation for social reality as well as the ability to handle the social reality one is confronted with, both in the organisation one works in and in one’s personal life. It also develops an organ of observation for the forces that work between us, in which we can grow as a conscious spiritual person. This is important for our own spiritual being as well as for the whole of humanity, living in the Divine creation given to us. The studying of this book can be the introduction to the path of initiation described in it. Still more important is to practise it in one’s personal practical life, for which various tips are given. What he describe here is to be seen as a lens through which to observe one’s social reality. On the basis of these conscious observations and their connection to one’s own personality, one can then come to a conscious, meaningful deed.