The neglected soul

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Adriaan Bekman

The neglected soul 

Let us be clear: our time does not favour our understanding of soul. It is all about body culture, it is all about spiritual trips. For many of us the soul is a vague expression; it is something we cannot find any sensible concept for. That is a pity. In this book we will explore fundamental moments in life where the soul plays a dominant role. We will explore the relevance of soul for our lives and we will demonstrate ways of soul handling, soul nourishment, soul strengthening, soul development that can give us a sense-full life. Personal examples will illustrate this. I see the handling of the soul as the greatest challenge for human beings also today.  Our struggle in life is our dealing with soul questions. Is it my “I” that steers the soul, or is it someone or something else? Can it not be that my father is the steering pilot in my soul, or my mother sometimes? Is my soul not filled with centuries of human religious creations, strong scientifically based convictions and strong family habits? It is not self-evident that my “I” steers and occupies the soul all the time. So let us explore soul, let us give soul the attention it deserves. In this book we will explore soul. It is our aim to demonstrate the importance of soul for our life quality. It is our aim to demonstrate that we create our own soul to a great extent and that it is an art of living today to understand our soul and to learn how to handle our soul.